Orientation May 3rd, 2013

Dear 2013-14 ORA participants.  I hope that you will be able to join us at Glendon College, York University for a 2-day orientation.  This orientation is intented to help you prepare for an amasing experience in France next year. The ORA coordinator, Adeline Blanchot as well as ORA Alumni will be giving a presentation and will answer all your questions.  You will find attached all the documents you need to participate.

See you on the 3rd of May!!!

Louise Lewin, ORA Director

2013 May Orientation Program.pdf649.79 KB
Driving directions to Glendon.pdf95.03 KB
Glendon campus map.pdf2.78 MB
May 2013 Briefing Notes.pdf614.46 KB
Reimbursement Form 2013 for Alumni.pdf630.66 KB
Reimbursement Form 2013 for Participants.pdf631.87 KB